4×4 Repair and Service in San Digeo & La Mesa

Since 1971 we’ve stood behind the quality of our work. Nothing tests our work more than the punishment you can put your vehicle through when you have a 4×4. Whether it’s your daily driver or a weekend warrior, 4×4 vehicles need routine maintenance and service to ensure your transmission and differential are functioning properly. 

Off road and use of 4×4 put stress and wear on your vehicle, to maintain the longevity and to avoid costly repairs in the future we recommend servicing the vehicle every couple of years. Depending on the use you put your 4×4 into, it could be yearly. 

Remember, with 4×4 vehicles we recommend engaging 4×4 regularly to keep it in good working order.

Call us today for an appointment to inspect your 4×4 transmission and differential. Taking a proactive approach to your maintenance will save you thousands in the future. Just stop into our San Diego or La Mesa locations and let us help you with your automotive repair needs or Call Us (800) 562-7675!